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Well, I fell down the stairs and smack my fibula against the nosing of a step. ER person told me that there’s no fracture, although I felt the bones moving. Here, take some painkillers. Ten days later I went for run and the leg gave up after five kilometres.  I went to get another X-ray and mri. Of course it is fracture, so back to ER and after five hours of waiting I bought an air cast and crutches. With a recommendation to see a specialist they send me home. No painkillers this time. :) That was ten days ago. F*** ‘em 


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I just finished Ford Madox Ford's Parade's End books. Good stuff!! Not what I expected, but I really enjoyed the books. Some memorable characters including Sylvia, the truly

wicked wife of Christopher, the main character. I won't say more, as I won't give away

Too much, but a good read. I had previously read Ford's The Good Soldier, also highly





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