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Kitthakk, panda


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I did message him this morning and asked how he was doing. He just told me him and his are doing good.  He didn't mention the co at all. Guess it's private....harv

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I had started a thread in modeling discussion, but immediately shut it down when I saw this.

Here’s what I posted over there:


As I’m sure many know already, Kitty Hawk and Panda are ceasing production and will just sell off remaining inventory until it’s all gone. 
It comes as a shock to me personally, who has built many of their kits, and some multiple times. 
Glen gave a quick announcement on Facebook, and the Kitty Hawk Facebook page did as well.  It’s certainly a blow to those who have worked tirelessly in recent years to give Kitty Hawk well researched designs with plenty of detail.  Floyd Werner and his team have gone a long way towards giving the Modeler well researched modern US helicopter designs, and the series of Hueys, Little Birds, and the entire Sikorsky Hawk series have sold well and offer modeler builder some seriously state of the art helo kits. 
I’d certainly recommend buying what you want now, to avoid future internet price spikes. 

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I, for one, will miss them. Their kits are challenging, but they managed to launch a number of unique kits you would not / cannot expect from the longer-established manufacturers. In fact they make up, with Special Hobby, the bulk of my injected-plastic kits.

10 years ago, I was seriously considering going for the production of resin kits. One of my pet projects was the TBD. When discussing with Glen Coleman about another KH project, he told me they had plans for a 1/32 TBD. Now, THIS ONE I will sorely miss, at par with the Trumpeter release :(


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I have to say the shift from Chinese manufacturing to Eastern Europe may not be such a bad thing. I'd much rather send my money to the Ukraine or the Czech republic. I greatly appreciate their contribution that helped bring our scale to what it is.

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Every time I see this title I'm reminded of the dangers of mixing bourbon and typing.   Anyhow....

Hopefully ICM will step up with some P-39's and P-63's in large scale now that Kitthakk is gone.

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