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converting the HK Models prototype Lancaster into a Manchester.

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Some progress. The cockpit parts are nearly ready. Still to do is scratchbuilding an instrument panel. A new throttle box pedestal has been made which is much better than the previous attempt. The flight engineers panel has had the two rows of instruments on the starboard side cut off because of only two engines instead of four.


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On 12/24/2018 at 5:00 PM, FME erk said:

Looking forward to seeing this develop further  . . .

It has..a bit.

Working on the oil cooler intakes which are almost recessed in the wing leading edge. The opening of which is quite large. Luckily I had some aluminium tubing lying around. With a very coarse round file the opening was carefully filed out to a tight fit. Then the tubing inserted and making sure they are square in the wing and also protrude the same. Phew, I'm happy.





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Looking positively brilliant!

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