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HO 229 Mysytery Ship build


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C'mon Harv, you've assembled a few compressor blades and you're already tryin' t' figure out what parts you can leave out! You're not supposed to leave any of 'me out. That's why ZM gives 'em all to ya!

.........and stay away from that distilled amber pickle sauce! This kit 'll be challenging enough all on it's own without the addition of the two seat conversion bits and the mind altering effects of the Devil's hooch. Remember, you've got less than a year if you want it ready for Chattanooga.

Just remember, I'm pullin' for ya but you've got t' keep your stick on the ice! :lol:

Cheers, Wolf

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15 hours ago, harv said:

I'm finding that ZM has very fine and delicate parts. So, this seems to help. Carl knows what I'm talking about !..... harv




Since there is no photo etch involved you gonna etch a little on the inside :D, just joking, love the stuff too, but prefer a good old Elijah Craig. Anyway the stuff keeps you from trembling while you master the fine and delicate ZM ingredients :wine:.

Cheers Rob

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Harvey, what is the final word in terms of the look of this beauty?  I know it s "what-if" build, but do you have some kind of scenario in mind/ For instance " Hortens are flying recon. missions from newly build bases on the north pool. Santa is still missing"



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