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VF-9 Hellcat finished

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I had worked on this Hasegawa F6F off and on for about a year but finally decided to go on and finish it. I thought doing it like the one in the photo would be interesting. Would make a great diorama but I didn't want to take it that far. The carrier deck is from Big Tim. Paints used were Model Master. After market includes Barracudacast tires, FineMolds belts and, if I remember correctly, a True Details cockpit. The gun sight is from my spares stash. I hope you like the results of my efforts! :)


1-2-19 002.jpg

1-2-19 003.jpg

1-1-19 002.jpg

1-1-19 004.jpg

1-1-19 005.jpg

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36 minutes ago, Reuben L. Hernandez said:

Very nicely done John, how did you handle the landing gear bay?

Thanks Reuben. No sweat on the LG bay. Left 'em as supplied as I didn't want to fiddle with 'em. :)

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5 minutes ago, PhilM said:

Very nice! I like the subtle exhaust staining down the fuselage side behind the cowling.


Inspiring me actually to finish something ...

Thanks Phil. This is a good time to get something started. :)

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3 hours ago, Mikester said:

Really nice build, John. I traded away several older 1/32 Hasegawa kits several years ago and wish I would have kept them.

I've done that too so I know how you feel! :wacko:

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