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1/48 Wellington Mk.X (He727 NA-K)

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After almost a years' work, she's finished.

The Wellington that crashed in my hometown in the night of May 5th 1943 after returning from a bombing run over Dortmund. Shot down by a Bf110 night fighter. Two bailed out, three went down with the plane. 

I put all the research in this crash and plane that I could do with a lot of help from my friend Cees Broere. I could not have done it without him. To complete this build I have a relic from this particular crash. One of the engine cowling flaps which happens to be in great condition. The black paint is pretty much intact.

The base of my model features a RAF recon photo that was taken in 1944. As you can see not much of the crash can be spotted. Caused by the boggy ground we live on.

A few weeks ago I noticed that a small memorial plaque was erected at the crash site. Almost exactly at the same time I finished my model.

Details added to the model:

- Master brass barrels
- Eduard interior set
- Eduard Interior mid fuselage set
- Eduard bomb bay set
- CMK bomb bay set (for the resin doors)
- Eduard bomb set
- Eduard exterior set
- Eduard mask set
- Maketar masks for all codes, roundels and markings
- Eduard seat belt set
- Resin wheels

The new memorial plaque, with the crash location behind the tree line:



The base I fashioned with the marked crash location. The place where my house is today, is bottom left of the crossroad you nee next to the text:Wellington8.jpg

The finished model:


The crash relic:





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