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LSM Christmas Raffle


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Okay gents.  Its been rough lately for a lot of us and I would love something to look forward to.  I know it's still a little ways off but how about we discuss another Christmas raffle this year? I very much enjoyed last years and would love to do it again this year.  How does the majority vote?

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How about we make sure this year that everyone participating gets a gift? I would be happy to donate a few extra models to make sure. Everyone’s name goes on a piece of paper in a bucket, draw one out for gift, and it does not go back in, draw the next name, and so on. If there is a separate grand prize, simply put all the names back in the bucket and draw one out. The way it was done last year left a few people without a gift. This way it’s more like a family gift exchange, and I consider you guys a family, so I would like to make sure everyone gets a gift. 

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31 minutes ago, krow113 said:

So if you personally don't like me , I wont get a gift?


I had a few teething pains last year, because I had never done one before, made a few mistakes, and learned much. 

It was a cool event on the other site and I wanted to continue it here. 

Its a bit early to start it now, but we’ll move with it soon enough. Pretty much the same rules as last year, but possibly a couple minor tweaks.

Mark and I had discussed it previously, and it is my goal to see that everyone gets something. 

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9 hours ago, FME erk said:

Being relatively new here can somebody explain just what happens ??

I am only guessing that each members puts in a 32nd scale kit, if your allocated number is drawn you receive a model that has been donated ???

I shall explain.

There's this big fat bloke, me, who has everybody's address. Being quite sneaky, I am able to visit you while you sleep and.....

(Hang on, this isn't the cat burgler forum????)

I shall start again, speaking only for myself.

First, I see a good excuse to rid myself of some crappy B grade thing from Trumpeter or something with raised panel lines. I then sing its praises and suck up to the judges. Either that or I go cheap and enter decals or something. 

I then strut around the place telling everybody that they like me. I shrewdly ignore those unconvinced. (Scoundrels all!)

After I receive my TAMIYA MOSQUITO, AIRFIX TYPHOON, and WNW FOKKER D.VII. I leave the forum after causing a terrible row. 

And never return. I look upon my "Prescious" in glee at just how sneaky I can be.

I then leave a disclaimer so nobody suspects my motivation.

Disclaimer: None of the above is true.

IHTH. :ph34r:

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