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Nominate a forgotten Russian aircraft to be made in 1/32nd scale.

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4 hours ago, 1to1scale said:

1/35....Ka-50/52 Hokum


Aaaaaaaarghhhh ! Why the abominatious (cool invention, isn’t it ;) ? ) scale ?

I have never seen a helo kit near armor, on forums or at shows ... I am still wondering why some people insist on the commonality factor between helos and armour kits ...

Apart from that, an « interesting » aircraft :)


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1 hour ago, smitty44 said:

Only one.....


Smitty, I'd add a companion to the An-2, and that would be the Po-2 biplane.   The possibilities are endless as it was produced from 1927-1952 and it also served as the famous Bedcheck Charlie in Korea.  Or, as Hawkeye Pierce called it, "Washing Machine Charlie" because it sounded like an old Maytag.





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