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1/32nd Heinkel 219 // Werner Streib crash At Venlo

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Dear all,


New member here, 

Working on the Zoukei Mura Heinkel 219.

I just wanted to make something different then just a model of this huge aircraft (even in scale).

That why I started to chop and demolish this kit ;)

So far I finished the cockpit section,

more updates to follow!











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Looking great Rowdy. I'd be tempted to stop there as weathering and insignia, etc will probably knock back the contrast to give a realistic end result.

I often tend to go 'one too many' in these situations, so I've been trying to stop myself. :thumbsup2:

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6 hours ago, piet said:

 The front part doesn't look that mottled one more layer to match the front part ?

Other than that ..........this build looks 



Hi Piet!


You are very right about the match regarding the front section.

I need to have a look in daylight again, but this one will be wheatered as well, so keep you posted ;)



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3 hours ago, Clunkmeister said:

Good to see you here, Rowdy!  

What an entrance!  An amazing depiction so far  I’m looking forward to seeing you’re finish in this. That nose section floored me, but the work on the tail section is awesome!

Thanks mate!

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