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1/32 Focke Wulf D9 // Wrnr 600150

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Dear all,

Did some ‘in between’ work on a Focke Wulf D9 which I replaced a few times from the shelf and the box, because I really didn’t know what to do with it...
After today!
This will be Focke Wulf D9 WrNr 600150 flown at the Jg4 which was found intact by the allies in the forest around Frankfurt a Main.
In the picture the allies removed the engine and cowling which can be seen behind the aircraft. The rest of the A/C frame is unknown by me...
I choose to make the aircraft with a complete fuselage and nosesection, because these D9’s of this stab were very nice colored on the nose with RLM 83 (MRP 70) with a RLM 75 spotting on the cowling.
What do you think so far?











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What do I think??......................  I think your choice of subject matter is VERY interesting and unique, and your skill set to produce a spectacular representation is incredibly impressive............... that's pretty much what I think......................

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39 minutes ago, DocRob said:

I like the look a lot, a bit on the dark side, but will  look fantastic under some dense trees, with toned done grounds and plane, to enhance the realistic lighting.

Cheers Rob

Thnx Rob!


Very true about the colour thing you mention, it’s the way the pics are taken.

Just with the phone without any bit of good light ;)


Will post new pics soon!

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