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Takom 1/35 V2 Rocket

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Another in between project that I wanted to do since I visited the Blockhaus D’Eperlecques. A most impressive installation where V2’s were assembled and launched. It was too visible, bombed and operations moved to La Coupole close by.

I bought a piece of V2 skin and will display the rocket on it’s cradle together with this relic. Not sure of the scheme yet.

I’ll mount the rocket and scheme on a high round wooden base. I think ;)



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Thnx guys!

Not a lot of bench time this weekend, but i did manage to find good reference photo's to open the panels i wanted.

These give access to the Nitro tanks. The top section consists out of 4 quadrants. The others open up to the Funk Gerät.

I'll scratch the doors and interior.



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4 minutes ago, Martinnfb said:

Yes some of them use radio transmitters to stay on course and for engine cut-off developed by Siemens?. 

Neat. You learn something new every day.  I actually thought they were a "by gosh and by golly" 'set it and forget it' missile. Light the fuse and where it lands, it lands.

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