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What is on your bench right now ? Share a picture :)


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2 hours ago, Vandy1 VX-4 said:

Just finished this 1/60 scale Rick Hunters fan plane from Robotech anime  series from the 80s.


The pilot's name is Hikaro Ichijo and it's called Macross, not that abomination that was sold to us as Robotech by Harmony Gold. :D

Otherwise it's a nice looking model. I wonder if the 1/60 scale was picked to go with the Yamato/Arcadia figures. 

MAcross: Do you Remember Love is still my favourite anime film.



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30 minutes ago, Spitfire said:

That is nicely done, wish I could paint like that




im impresd my  self this is my first real try on painting somthing like that.

didt some reading about it and give it a go so still in the learning curve



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10 hours ago, GazzaS said:

Not me.  I had leftovers for breakfast.  Liverwurst and cheese for lunch.  And am having BBq'd chicken drumsticks for dinner.

You had Dackelbauch on your bench for dinner :wacko:. I'll take the turkey every time :D.

Cheers Rob

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Only to show, that I'm still modelling, but on a very reduced schedule in the moment.
The Tankette received tracks, exhaust, machine gun and the first layer of weathering, which included some work  with pigments and a brushed on highlighting of all the rivets and some other bits and pieces. All green camouflaged surfaces, were carefully finger rubbed with a tiny bit of steel pigment. It's barely visible, but somehow gives the painted plastic a heavier appearance.

Cheers Rob


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