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What is on your bench right now ? Share a picture :)


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8 hours ago, Martinnfb said:

Base coat is on, now waiting for the barrel 😝 


Comrade Stalin has taken notice of your unpreparedness.  When the knock comes on your door late tonight ensure you have a small bag packed.

...otherwise....   looks great!

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15 minutes ago, Martinnfb said:

That is the new Zvezda SU-100, beautiful kit , out of the box sans barrel :)




Thanks for the link.  Wish it had indy links.  One of the most attractive aspects of the t-34 chassis is the prospect of being able to pose it around terrain.  Despite my last two tanks being flat sitters, doing things with the suspension is one of those new things I like to do.

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36 minutes ago, BlrwestSiR said:

That's not a barrel, that's a telephone pole!

Otherwise it looks great. 

Can't believe you only started it last week. 


I work fast girl.  :)

23 minutes ago, GazzaS said:

Very nice, Martin!

Thank you comrade Marine, it’s just the base coat, decals with  appropriate corrections, brown wash , grey wash overall, salt and dull coat. 
next step is the salt clean up, graphite on welds, smoke and oil.and last step is snowy base, and let it snow action all over her nose. :)

7 minutes ago, belugawhaleman said:

Looks great! I have in my stash a huge Trumpeter kit in 1/16 of the SU 100 that

should be a terrific build with its 1100 parts. Can't wait to build that one

Thank you sir. 1/100 gives a great opportunity to play with casting numbers, weld beads and nazi blood splatters. :)can’t wait 

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51 minutes ago, DRUMS01 said:

Currently working on a smaller scale but bigger size kit, the Tamiya 1/350 Yamato with full PE and brass set.





still a couple months away from completion most likely.....


That photo-etch work looks impressive. Did that come with the kit? Anyway, I'm sure that

many others on this forum,including myself, would like to see more of this build.

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OK, everyone, being "Large Scale Modeler" I didn't think it would be appropriate, so I didn't bother. And no, none of the brass, PE, wood deck, anchor chain, numerous smaller gun systems, or brass screws that I am using came with the kit. 

As requested, look for the posting soon...


PS: I you like the IJN Yamato, you would love my build of the 1/350 Arizona with full PE and validated scratchbuilt corrections based on great research and those who have dove on her. It was a very long, challenging, but rewarding build. I am working on having it possibly delivered and dedicated for the State Capitol building.



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