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As most of you already know I am a big fan of the Tamiya Corsairs and have build 9 so far. I just never get tired of these very pleasurable builds. As I am waiting for some masks to show up for my Peefartybee I decided to go on and build Ken Walsh's -1 using Barracudacals. As I had already built the engine back in December while I had some time on my hands and was trying to decide on what to build next I'm ahead of the game on this one. :)


White 13 profile web.jpg

12-14 003.jpg

1-24-19 002.jpg

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7 minutes ago, Ivan Ivanovich said:

I think I'll have salmon for dinner...

Great start, John. 
Definitely not a Corsair guy, but I really like the look of the early birdcage hose noses.

They certainly do have a certain appeal. Thanks! :)

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36 minutes ago, 1to1scale said:

Well...there you go...I just planned your next Corsair build after this!

I was Actually thinking about his plane for my next Corsair build.

I don't plan to build any of his birds so go for it. :)

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3 hours ago, Bomber_County said:

John looking forward to it, do you need the instructions now??........

Benchtime this month equals total 2 hours max.......I will finish something soon....

I still refer to the instructions to be sure I don't forget something. Easy to do at my age! :)

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Hi John

Geez, what a surprise and I really am glad to see you digging into another Birdcage. I have no doubts you will blow right by me as I'm working a a snails pace these days but love following all your builds especially Corsairs.

Actually I just posted an update, as all the priming is now done and then disaster struck. I went over it in the update and am hoping my fix works r I'm dead in the water.

Keep 'em comin


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