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THE most unlikely Aeroplanes to be offered 1/32 or bigger?

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I'm a cynic.  A C-46, Beaver, Otter, Caribou, Norseman, Fokker Universal and/or Super Universal, Fairchild 71C, Junkers W-34, Junkers Ju-52/1M....  

Anyone see a trend here?  LOL

They're all airplanes importand to me and my sense of National Pride.  

Add to that the CF-100 and CT-114 and the list is now complete.

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the most spectacular model I can even begin to imagine is a Vickers Wellington done by Wingnut Wings, following the whole Dambusters/Barnes Wallis theme.

Can you even begin to imagine the Wingnut treatment of that amazing fuselage texture.  just thinking of it makes me shiver in delight.

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If it’s about what does not exist ...

HP Heyford, HP Hampden, Lockheed 14, CF-100, CF-105, B-35, Saab J-35, Sikorsky S-39, Amiot 143, Boeing Clipper, Boeing Stratoliner .... 

About unlikely aeroplanes existing in kit form, how about the 1/24 Bugatti 100 P and Gloster VI ?



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