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It's Saturday lunch tme, you're sitting at a cafe on King St Newtown, Peter Jackson sits at your table...

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Everyone wants Peter to talk about Lord of the rings.

You however want to talk about LOTW i.e. Lord of the wings. Wingnut wings.

What do you say?

Me? "I want high quality BOB Spitfire and Hurricanes in 1/32!"

If he agrees, I buy his coffee. If no, I leave him with the cheque! 

"LOTR sucked. Give me my Mk.I BOB Spitfire and Hurricane!". :lol:

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The 3 main missing BoB pieces atm ... 

Injection moulded 1/32 Do.17z and Bolton Paul Defiant ... and an accurate new tooled Spitfire Mk.I a/b.

The Fly hurricanes are accurate and detailed enough to pass muster ... wouldn't say no to a Tamiya, ZM or WNW offering tho!

Rog :)

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I probably wouldn't engage at all. It would depend on the eyes. Sometimes when you meet a famous person in your day-to-day life; they get that look in their eyes when they see that you recognise them, and realise that they are trying to work out whether they know you from somewhere or whether you're going to bend their ear or want to get a selfie. At that point I usually leave well enough alone. The real gems are the ones who are chatty and engage because they have a passion for not just what they do, but because they have a lust for life. SPJ strikes me as being in that category.

This is distinct from the "Don't you know who I am?" look, those I definitely don't engage with. To them, as a delivery driver I'm just "the help."

You can tell a lot about people by the way they treat the help.

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I have engaged with Pamela Anderson, Gary Sinise, Robert Jordan, Ray Bradbury, Michael J. Fox, Gilbert Godfrey, Stephen Ambrose, Salman Rushdie, Kenny Rogers, Neil Gaiman, George Plimpton, Eric Clapton (sitting behind him watching 'Deep Impact'), Robert Adams, Piers Anthony, numerous band members...


I just approach them; as celebrities this is what happens and they can suck it up. The only bad thing that ever happened was Henry Rollins throwing a pen at me when I asked him to sign a book he wrote.

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The guy has a huge collection of REAL and replica WWI aircraft! I actually have this great love of the real aircraft. I would be chatting about them. Pretty sure Richard Alexander is the WNW boss guy anyways, and several of us here have shared a meal with him. Models were not the first thing on his list to chat about.


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