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Ey up guys


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Not sure if this is the right place so if not. Admin please move.


Just joined the site after a long while looking/lurking. Some of you might know me/recognise the name from other forums.

Live in Scotland and work as a farmer. Been model making for a while now after a longish break and (try to) build LSMs. Always on the lookout for Fw190 builds. A sad obsession of mine.


Anyway. Hello and good to be here.



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1 hour ago, BlrwestSiR said:

Welcome aboard! 

My wife is Scottish so does that count? I've even been to the Edinburgh model show. 


I've BEEN to Scotland, does THAT count???:rofl:Good to 'see' you Alan..... you DO know you are with the crazies now eh?? ;)

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  • Administrators

Welcome, Alan!

Good to see you here, and I guarantee you there are one or two very serious 190 experts here on LSM who can steer you right. 

I’m looking forward to seeing some of your fabulous builds.

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Cheers for the welcome guys.


Krow113.... Nice engine. I'm more of an BMW 801 guy personally. The A8 floats my boat more than any other. Presently playing around with a Revell BMW 801 :)




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Welcome to the Forum Alan,

Good start on the Revell kit. An Fw190 obsession isn't necessarily a bad thing, so ask away if you have any queries, plenty here will be able to assist.


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14 hours ago, GazzaS said:

Welcome!  We love Scots in Australia, too!


Very funny and unfortunately quite close to the truth.

Have had to edit a few photos taken at weddings, etc when the kilts are out in force! A few beers and any thoughts about keeping the knees together go out the window!! :D:blink:

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