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Hasegawa P-47D finished


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Another one done! :) Essentially OOB except I replaced the kit guns with hollow tubing. Painted with Alclad for the NMF, Testor's Blue for the trim, and Mr. Color for the invasion stripes. It was a fun build and I hope y'all like it.

12-14-22 001.jpg

12-14-22 002.jpg

12-14-22 003.jpg

12-14-22 004.jpg

12-14-22 005.jpg

12-14-22 007.jpg

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11 hours ago, KevinM said:

What's not to like John?Now that you seem to crank out 2/3 planes a month in 1/32 scale I will have to assume you eat sleep and cook in one room and the rest of the house is storage??:lol:

LOL Kevin 😄 They are like rabbits! I've started to put some in storage boxes to give me more room plus keep the models from gathering dust, etc.

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4 minutes ago, Bomber_County said:

John simply stunning, what’s the tally for the year. 2023 must have been your most productive…….

Thanks again Phil! :) I don't have a total for 2022 but I know it's a bunch! LOL

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