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Tamiya Spitfire MkXVIe

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This has been the project for the last 6 months or so. Great kit which fits really well except for the engine covers! Just couldn't get the engine installed in a way which allowed the covers to be swapped on and off. Explains why you see so many off these with the covers off.








Pictures taken outside as we're in the middle of as dry a spell of weather as we've had in 20 years or so. It has barely rained here in about 8 weeks! Any golf fans - we're about 30 miles from Carnoustie so the Open could be exciting this week. The fairways are like concrete so there could be a few interesting bounces!

All the main paints were from Ammo's Late WWII RAF set and the details were done with a mix of Tamiya and Gunze acrylics. The codes, insignia etc were done with Maketar masks which are fiddly for the roundels but give a nice result. Weathering was with pastels, Ammo PLWs and filters.

Generally happy with it but there's a bit of silvering on the walkway decals so I think I'd paint them the next time.

As always, comments welcome.

Cheers, Gus 


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Hi Gus, your Spitfire is a clear wow and the paintjob is perfectly blended with the roundels and Insignia airbrushed. It pays not to lean to decals to much. The chipping is where it should be. Don't worry to much about the engine, the rest of the bird looks great enough.

Cheers Rob

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Great job excellent paintwork.  

I have built three of these Tammy Spits. The first being the same aircraft as you also using the masks.  I had the same problem with the engine panels. I managed a bit better with the second build but with the third the fit was perfect.  So it is true when they say about these Tammy 1/32 warbirds that if something is not right it isnt the kit, it is something you have done.  

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Thanks all. 

Barry, it must be true that 'the third time is the charm' then! It seems the tolerances are just so tight that the slightest misalignment somewhere can throw it all off.

Planned next build is a Trumpeter A-7E so given the issues with that this will seem like a dream. ;)

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Nice part of the world you've moved to Dennis. Funnily enough we both have a settlement called Glenbervie fairly close by. Went to Whangarei many moons ago on the way to a jet boating trip in the Bay of Islands.

Look forward to seeing what you pick to christen the new bench.

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