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P-47D-11 finished


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Done with this one. Far from perfect but I was ready to be done with it. Mods include FineMolds seat belts, Eduard cockpit placards, replacement gun sight from "spares" stash, and Barracudacast wheels. I also re-set the antenna a little to the left as on the real a/c (kit has it mounting in the middle of the spine) and added the canopy pull bar and the little side window on the left of the windscreen. I added ignition wiring to the engine but deleted all the usless BS ducting, etc which is not visible on the completed model. Painted with MM 34087 OD and Neutral Gray. Cockpit is Colourcoats Dull Dk. Green. Wheel wells Testor's YZC.  National insignia decals are Lifelike while the rest are from the decal sheet provided with Vol.1 of the 56th FG by Hussar/AJ Press. It represents a a/c flown by Gladych. I hope you like the results! :)


12-7 001.jpg

12-7 002.jpg

12-7 003.jpg

12-7 004.jpg

12-7 005.jpg

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15 hours ago, Clunkmeister said:

Great results John. It looks like a Jug to me. 

Thanks Ernie! :) It's funny. While building this model I came to realize the razorback jug is not one of my favorite airplanes. It's okay but I just don't have the "feel" for it if you know what I mean.

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