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What is on your bench right now ? Share a picture :)


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Wait for it.....

Tamiya Birdcage




Amodel An-22  (1/72)

Amodel An-8 (1/72)

HPH Tu-154M  (1/72)

WNW Taube

WNW USAS Salmson  90th Aero Sqn. Pair-o'-Dice

WNW early AEG

WNW Felixstowe (my second)

HK Lanc Mk.X  (I cut a spotters window out, so technically it's in progress)

Not a winner, but I have far, far too many started projects. I'm ashamed at this mess.

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2 hours ago, Ryan said:

Dang Clunk, nice list.

Believe me, it’s not an honor list. It’s a list of shame.

There’s also an 88A-1 and 111H that are quite well along, but reboxed till later, plus the F-100 and a 388 that I acquired already started. 

It’s a real list of shame.

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OK, let's not talk about shame and embarrassment, who cares. This is a happy thread , about the real life hobby, without staged magazine pictures. Take a picture Ernie.

Mess is normal, so as disorder.  Do not forget every week there will be  a prize !!! :)

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WOW.................... I don't feel so bad now........maybe I AM focused after all.............my pit is an organized mess, and looks very much like all these , except Danny's............... that is WAY too tidy and organized..... or is that a 'posed' or photoshopped pic Dan???  I Must say tho, those organizers are most definitely on my list, and my list is fairly long when it comes to those items... they are cool......

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17 hours ago, Ivan Ivanovich said:

Hold my Vodka...again...

Technically speaking, I've got a bench on my bench... I'm thinking emote  

Specifically taken for the purpose of this thread and showing the current state of the project:



Looks good Ivan, I actually do this type of work for a living. (Engineering Director for a custom cabinet shop)



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At the office now, but I’ll take a pic tonight. 

My bench is generally maintained in a modern “Post Chernobyl” style,  and once a year it gets cleaned whether it needs it or not.  

So for me it’s not “What’s on your bench?”, it’s more like “What isn’t on your bench?” 

these are a couple months back. I'll get a whole room shot for the full effect



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