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Tamiya 1/32 VLR P-51D "Fighting Lady" 475th FS finished

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I finished this one back in August, this being my second (but certainly not my last Tamiya P-51D) Mustang.  The only AM I used were some Barracuda Resin tires, Kagero Decals, and seatbelts made from HGW hardware and straps sliced from the edges of $1 bills.  I like using the currency for seatbelts as it has a fabric texture, and worn currency seems to "crumple" well.  I filled all of the rivets (thousands of them) on the wings, which I like as it more closely resembled the full size AC but honestly I don't think I would go through it again.  MANY hours of fill, sand, repeat, repeat again.  Painted with Alclad colors and Tamiya acrylics, I am happy to call this one done!






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Thanks everyone, glad you liked it!  I need to work on my photography I think, as a lot of the more subtle weathering effects are barely visible in the photos.


I do appreciate the feedback, thank you!

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Thank you!

Rod - I don't recall where I picked up that seatbelt tip, but it has worked well for me.  Nice thing is the currency has a cloth-like texture, and is pretty close in color to many seatbelts.  It takes paint well, and by trimming off the edges you can still spend it!



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