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Soo.... What did you just get???

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1 hour ago, BlrwestSiR said:

No crazy unobtanium pins here, just some paint and pencils.

Booooooring, no virgins involved, but I have to admit, these pencils are great, never used the colours though.

Cheers Rob

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On 9/2/2020 at 9:07 PM, DocRob said:

Not to point the finger at someone, I bought that, because one of our fellow members whose name starts with Ha and ends with rv (no names ;)) , got me hooked onto these 1/16 things. As I own a FT-17 in 1/35 along a lot of goodies, I stumbled over this one. 
It's based on the Takom kit, with the Spanish field modification, adding a 20mm Breda cannon. Four of those were build.
As much as I love the strange looking subject, I debated a lot with me, as I'm not too keen on the Spanish Nationalists. This will probably result in an abandoned or knocked out tank, do I hear the word hypocritical? :D.
Just today, I saw on one of my online hobby stores the gadget with the worst money per equivalent rate in modelling :2c:. You can buy the track link pins (really, only the pins), made from metal (the kit ones are plastic) for more than 100€, I think, they were made by polish virgins on a wet grass field while there was a solstice.

A Chinese Tankette in 1/16 from Takom will follow soon.

Cheers Rob  

Congratulations ... 1/16 is the perfect LSM for a Tank :D ... Waiting for some more metal barrelled goodness to arrive here before deciding on a WIP with some of the gear I've got so far ...

On 9/3/2020 at 4:51 AM, BlrwestSiR said:

The model? Or the track pins made by Polish virgins on a wet grass field? :lol:


On 9/3/2020 at 4:52 AM, harv said:

Maybe both....:wub:

No contest ... Those Polish virgins look like a definite scam to me ... go get 'em Harv!! :D

Rog :)

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Finally got around to getting a new Dremel. Sue found my old one loud and somehow gave off an annoying vibration that she could feel on our second floor. My workbench is in the basement but she always knew when I would use it.  So I switched to a small battery powered one made by Gunze. It's ok but didn't have the power to run for long periods of time. 

Here's the new one.


It's actually not much bigger than the Gunze one. 


I did make a quick mod to the new Dremel. I replaced the standard collet which uses a wrench to tighten it for one that's adjustable.  It's a miniature version of the ones on most drills. To make it work, I cut a small piece of 1/4 " diameter tubing to act as a spacer. Now I've got the perfect combination rotary tool as I can use both the Japanese bits and the US ones that I have. 

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We got back from our camping trip. Still have all my family members that we left with. 

There were a couple packages waiting for me when we got back. 

First up is my continued descent into the Dark side: 


Decals for that Bandai Super Star Destroyer I have. 

Next up are some figures for my Scammell/Grant build. 


I also bought some weathering stencils for the build. 


Some PE for an Achilles


A new set of plastic nippers. These are fantastic if you haven't tried them yet. Just don't drop them. 


Lastly, a trip down nostalgia lane. 


I'm still trying to figure out if this is Clod number 4 or 5. All the rest though we're the original red version. 

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11 hours ago, Bomber_County said:

Looking forward to that WIP....:sofa:

Weekends have been busy ... and I still haven't decided which one to start on yet.

Sometimes I'd really like to start on the Panther G ... then I look at the 38(t) ... Then the Tiger should be a simple build... 

Rog :)

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On 9/15/2020 at 9:23 PM, Vandy1 VX-4 said:

I like to see the decals for the superstar destroyer up close !!

Here you go Vandy!


They're printed on a single sheet carrier so will need to be trimmed out. Compared to the kit parts, it looks like they should fit ok. 

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Today arrived this little big tank, a 1/16 scale Japanese tankette in Chinese service. There are some Japanese versions around too, but decided for the Chinese variant, because of the nice included resin figure (as far as I know, the others have normal injection plastic figures), the unusual subject and the monochrome scheme, where I want to train some effects on. The downside (if it is one), with this kit you get only rubber band tracks, where the other variants have single track links included too, which look very fiddly.

The Molotow markers are different sized chrome pump pens and the blue ones contain masking fluid. I had the idea to use these masking pens for one of these difficult to airbrush French camos where I will try to use them for masking the before sprayed black borders, instead of brush painting these.

Cheers Rob


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