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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

Lancaster B Mk.I, R5868, PO-S (S-Sugar)

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Hi Jim, damn happy to have found this build thread! She’s looking just great!! I will be supporting HKM and getting their Lanc- should make a nice long and enjoyable build!! Hope you are feeling better and recovering mate!



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Ok, time to break regular cover.

If you read one of my magazine articles, or indeed most by anyone, you'll see a relatively linear workflow.....you know....cockpit, engines, closeup, wings, paint etc. In actuality, the workflow is less linear and designed to maximise our time at the workbench and aid deadline schedules. So I don't suppose it will surprise you all to know that I've actually built most of the model in some form, minus paint at this stage. My plan is to build as much as possible and then add wiring etc, and then crack up the airbrush. 

As I'm still waiting on a few replacement parts from HKM, I thought I'd add a series of photos here to show what I've built so far. It certainly beats no updates for a while!

















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This build is becoming more of just a collection of random photos as I progress through major construction. Again, I want to do ad much of this as I can before I hit paint. I've also decided to showcase the forthcoming Airscale cockpit set for this, which should be with me tomorrow, and decals to follow in over a week's time. I'm sure you'll agree that the effort in removing the moulded detail is definitely worth it, and is already done in readiness. Here are some photos of Airscale's prototype set:





I'm still waiting on some replacement parts coming from HKM for various improvements and short shots in the test sprues, and those include the hinges on the original Sprue V. Until I get that sorted, here is the state of the tail.



More aftermarket?

Ok, I'm using the new Master Models Lancaster barrel set. This comes with adaptors to fit the barrels to the plastic guns. They work a treat. Here are two turrets fitted out already.




A little more preliminary work too with masking the fuselage windows, both inside and out. This is where a circle cutter comes in real handy. 



I know you guys like some flap photos, so here is a set fitted to the port wing. Again, they fit like a dream.



Last photo for now as I fit the outboard engine (No.1) to the wing. Zero issues with fit or fettle. A joy to assemble.


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I really like the Airscale instrument panels. Just as a point of attention, the direction compass and D/F indicator as seen at the top of the instrument panel were in fact fitted at the base of the windscreen in front of the pilot and and stick out.

Do not forget to make the rear casings of said instruments and the wiring as these are very much in view. Check for photo's to see what I mean.

Nice touch though.


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Great article and build log.  The Airscale IP looks, like Hubert wrote, "The Bees Knees" alright.  I really like the way they did the engine nacelles, unlike the Tamiya 1/48 kit.  It's amazing how modeling technology has advanced in 43 years.  The landing gear looks robust and a positive fit for proper alignment.  I have one on order from Squadron, looking forward to it's arrival.

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Looks good so far and like many Brits, I'm still waiting for the delivery of my 'pre-order' 

I for one will be watching with interest and already have ideas of how things need to be checked and improved such as the IP from Airscale

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