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2nd Annual LSM Christmas raffle and winners list


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Ho Ho Ho Ho...

Ok, this time of year again, folks!

Our Christmas raffle went over well last year, except that one or two got missed with a gift.  I take that responsibility on myself, and I’ll ensure it does not happen again.

I’ll go over the rules and once again, attempt to keep it simple.   So here is rundown of rules so everyone is refreshed and aware.  For those who participated over there, you'll see a couple minor rule changes implemented by me just because I can. 

1.   Anyone who wants to enter to win may do so, IF, they are an Active Member of LSM as of right now. (November 17, 2019 1610 hrs CST)

2.   Active Member is defined as anyone who has contributed to LSM by posting two posts to LSM within the last calender year. I though of making it a WIP requirement, but decided exactly 10 seconds ago to nix that idea.  The whole idea here is to promote a feeling of Christmas Spirit and maybe get people posting more. So let’s make this fun!

3.   Enrolling:   Entering the raffle is easy. Just post  "I'm in" and I'll mark you down. You do not need to contribute a gift to win a gift.

4.   Gifts:   You're welcome to contribute a gift to be included in the raffle.  It’s absolutely not required or expected and you do NOT need to contribute a gift to be part of the raffle.

5.    Impropriety:    To avoid any sense of impropriety, I am going to ask that all people who feel led to contribute gifts to please verify your gifts as listed correctly.  Anything LSM related is good in my book.     Aircraft and AFVs, supplies, AM, tools, etc, are all OK.     I would suggest that if you're giving a bunch of little AM bibs and bobs, or things like magazine collections, think about including them as a package.   It makes my job easier when it comes to keeping track of who gave and won what.

6.    More Impropriety:  As the organizer and overseer of this operation, once again, I will NOT be eligible for any gift drawings.  

7.    Giving something is cool, but there is no right or wrong. Some give kits, others a resin set of wheels or #11 blades, or decide not to.   If you feel led to, then do, cool, if not, then there is no big deal. 

8.    But remember, if you offer a gift, you're responsible for the shipping charges to the winner.

9.     Gift givers and winners are to contact each other in a timely manner and winner must provide shipping information so the giver can get the package in the mail.

10.   This is a fun Christmas Raffle, guys.  If you pledge a gift, please make every effort to get it out in a timely fashion. 

11.    I will attempt to update the prize list and the names of those who entered the raffle on a daily basis.  If there's more entrants than gifts, not everyone will receive a gift.  If there's more gifts than entrants, then some will get more than one.  

12.   Drawing:  Christmas Day in the USA, because that's where I live, and I work the day before, so the Aussies and the Kiwis gotta wait an extra day. Sorry guys!


Pretty normal stuff, eh?  I think this oughta be a fun thing and I really hope everyone has a good time with this!


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Raffle Entrants





Sir Desmond Glazebrook









FME erk 




Gaming Dragon32

Cranky Craftsman


Maru!  (Yay!)  :)


The Dude

Danny VM



Winner’s Choice of: one new Wingnut Wings Lancaster kit, or one new Wingnut Wings Handley Page O/100 or O/400 heavy bomber kit.  This prize will be drawn at the end, after all prizes have been awarded. The winner will be notified by PM on LSM and must notify me of their choice, at which time I’ll arrange shipment from the nearest distributor to the winner.  Failure to notify me within two years will result in a consolation prize of a 1/700 scale Fokker Dr.1 being awarded.



Clunkmeister:  Winner’s pick of any WNW in stock single engine kit.

Clunkmeister:  ZM choice:  Ki-45 or Hs-129B

Hubert: Doyusha A6M2 package with a resin Pascal Huguet Rufe conversion.

Smitty44: $100.00 gift card to any hobby shop of the winner’s choosing.

Sir Desmond Glazebrook:  1/35 Meng self Auf-1 propelled howitzer  

Sir Desmond Glazebrook:   1/32 Hasegawa Ki-84

Sir Desmond Glazebrook:   Verlinden book detailing scale aircraft

Sir Desmond Glazebrook:   1/32 Hasegawa F6F Hellcat with a boatload of cool AM

GusMac:  Trumpeter Bf109-G2 Tropical

TJTX:  Special Hobby Tempest Mk

TJTX:  Eduard 109E-3 Profipack with Werner’s Wings V.14 Dübendorf racer conversion.

Bill_S:  Revell 1/32 J2M3 Jack

Bill_S:  Doyusha 1/32 Type 93 Akatombo

Bill_S:  Grand Phoenix Productions P-38 Lightning cockpit set

BlrWestSiR:  1/32 Eduard Bf-109E-4 ProfiPack

1to1Scale:  1/35 Tamiya M4A3E8 Easy Eight (Korean War)

FMEerk:    1/35 2 1/2 ton 6x6 water truck

FMEerk:   Two reference books. Luftwaffe 1935-45 markings and camouflage and US Army Air Force fighters. (Part 2)

Krow113:  Special Hobbies 1/32. X-15A-2 with ground dolly.

Pardelhas:  Dragon 1/35. Panzerfähre fährendeck mit gepanzerter landwasserschlepper

Harv:  1/32 Special Hobby Tempest Mk.V Hi-tech

Harv: 1/32 Hasegawa Mitsubishi Raiden prototype

[Cat]CplSlate: Squadron/Signal Walk Around for the EA-6B Prowler

[Cat]CplSlade: 1/32 markings for F-16C Golden State Griffins by Twobobs Aviation Graphics (32-033) suitable for the Hasegawa, Academy, or Tamiya F-16C kit. Specific markings for 2 planes, S/N 84-1318 and 85-1404.

Danny VM: 1/32 Trumpeter IL-2 on skis

The Dude: Academy MH-60G Pavehawk

GusMac:  Sky's decals F-4 Kurnass. 

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5 minutes ago, BlrwestSiR said:

Ernie, please put me down for entry and I'll try to find something to contribute as well.

Coincidentally, I just started on the kit I won last year from you. 



Awesomeness, Carl. That’s a great kit, but believe it or not, I’ve never built it yet. I hear it’s a real sweet kit. 

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21 minutes ago, Clunkmeister said:

Awesomeness, Carl. That’s a great kit, but believe it or not, I’ve never built it yet. I hear it’s a real sweet kit. 

I've just started on it but I'm enjoying it so far.  It's going to be OOB which is what I really need at this moment. 

I tried to build a simple resin Zero kit but got bogged down trying to do chipping. So i switched to a Hasegawa Stuka but it has way too much AM that needs attention. 


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1 hour ago, Clunkmeister said:

Raffle Entrants







Clunkmeister:  Winner’s pick of any WNW in stock single engine kit.

Hubert: To be announced

Smitty44: $100.00 gift card to any hobby shop of the winner’s choosing.

Put me in please.

1/35 Tank, either Meng or Takom.

1/32 Aircraft modern kit. 

I may throw in some books. I will go through my stash next Sunday to see what I can manage. 

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Hi Ernie

Please put me in again this year. I'll contribute a Trumpeter Bf109-G2 Tropical kit. Seems like a nice kit but it's not a subject I have any interest in. I know that's sacrilege to some but the 109 doesn't do it for me.

I'll also put in a set of Sky's Decals Israeli F4 decals which includes all the Kurnass 2000 airframes. These can be separate or combined as required for numbers purposes.

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40 minutes ago, TJTX said:

Here is my contribution, 2 kits to be entered as two separate prizes:

A Special Hobby Tempest Mk2 


Eduard Bf109e-3 with Werner Wings      V-14 conversion.



WOW............ nice............... you guys sure are generous.... Christmas will be good this year...

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4 hours ago, krow113 said:

I'll play.

What is the criteria for selecting a kit to supply?

Steve, there is no criteria at all. It does not have to be a kit at all. You can give anything or nothing. You’re not judged. Some folks aren’t in a position to give and that’s ok. 

The only thing I ask is that if you are going to give, then make it LSM related. Armor or Air, but in our scales. Or books, AM, tools, whatever. It’s your choice.

you can enter without giving.

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I’m in, and I’ll look through my stash in the next day or two to see what I can come up with.


update 11/22...

I built one and think the world of this kit, here is my contribution.

Korean war U.S. Medium Tank M4A3E8 Sherman "Easy Eight"

Soviet Field Car GAZ-67B also included

Tamiya - No. 35359 - 1:35


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My contribution to this year's Saturnalia (really a European thing that has zero relevance to this southern Asiatic continent) so far are these.




I know the book may be out of date, but I read it. It may help someone else. 

There may be more. I am considering the Hasegawa Hellcat with loads of AM. (I Have the Airfix 1/24) but does anyone care? Nice model. A mix of raised and engraved detail... AM includes a cockpit, French markings.. it is actually kind of cool. I simply didn't expect Airfix...

Let me know.

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