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Mitsubishi A6M5c Zero Type 52 1/32 Hasegawa

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Hi all!

I'm new here and watching this forum for quite a while and now I want to start my first WiP here!

I am a passionate modeller since I was a young boy ( guess like all of us ;)!)

I'm building A/C and AFV as well and my favourite scale is 1/32 but doing also 1/48 from time to time.

I want to build Hasegawas beautyfull Zero Type 52 wich one is of the later type with some aftermarket parts but not want to go to crazy!^_^

I want to use:

-Quickboost Exhaust and opened Cowl flaps.

-Quickboost Gun Barrels

-Eduard Seatbelts and Masks for the canopy

-CMK Resinwheels

I am not quite sure about the markings but not want to use the decals from the kit, maybe paint them on but I don't know yet, let's see!;)

Hope to Start soon







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The Instructions begins with the assembly of

the pilot and the cockpit but I didn't follow it and I took care on the Horizontal Stabilizer.

I cut the flaps of and sand the backside of the Stabilizer where the flaps mounted in a slightly round shape and do the same with the flaps in vice versa!

I mounted the flaps in a slight upward position as seen in some pics of the real plane.

That's all for now!






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23 hours ago, CrankyCrafstman said:

Welcome Lutz

I'll be keeping an eye on this one. If you haven't committed completely to the Quickboost gun barrels the Master brass barrels are far superior.

Ron G 

 Yes Ron, they are!

Much nicer in detail and accuracy and I rather would take them but couldn't get them at the moment!


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Hi all!

Hope you are all doing well!

Benchtime was a little bit limited  these days so I could not make much progress. I detailed the cockpit with some wiring and plumbing work.

Ready for paint!

Some pics:

Cheers guy's







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40 minutes ago, Lothar said:

Interesting subject you chose, I have a soft spot for Zero's. Your progress so far is remarkable - but your workbench is waaaaay too clean ;)


x2. Did you just finish building that bench, or what? It looks like it's never been used.

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34 minutes ago, biggtim said:

x2. Did you just finish building that bench, or what? It looks like it's never been used.

Hahaha, no guys! It's only a new cutting mat because I managed to spill my Tamiya cement all over it...:wallbash::lol:

Thanks all!

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Hi Guy's!

Cockpit is ready!

I paint it with a mix of Tamiya XF-71 and a good shot of Gunze H-58 to reduce the brightness a little bit.

Details where paint with Valejo Acrylics.

I've used the dials from the kit, cut them out and placed them one by one to the IP. This is much more work but it looks more convenient imho.

At least a washing with Oil's was done.










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