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Kitty Hawk OS2U Kingfisher

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I started this one years ago. It landed on the SOD; I got discouraged. Most likely I'll be using the scheme on the box top, though I might be tempted to finish it in the USS Arizona colors.


The instructions call for Field Green (FS34097) for the interior. My gut said it should be Interior Green (FS34151), but I went with the Field Green...




Still some small knobs to attach to the IP:


Some engine work has been done as well; I'll post photos when it's complete.

Still lots of work to do before I can close the fuselage. Foot rests and machine gun mount:



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Nice start on your Kingfisher and hopefully this week I'll have the P-40 finished and then on to my Monogram Kingfisher full time. According to what I've read referencing to Dana Bell, the cockpit color was Dull Dark Green / Bronze Green. I'm leaning towards Dull Dark Green.

IP looks mighty good.






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Nice start on a very nice kit.

I love the yellow-winged schemes. But most of them had the Vought float, that was later substituted by the EDO one (although there is one pic in the Dana Bell book that shows a yellow-wing scheme with an EDO float). The BBs initially had the Kingfishers with Vought floats and Yellow wings.

I always promised myself I would design and 3D-print the Vought float ... One day perhaps ...


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1 hour ago, Bomber_County said:

Looking good Bill, are these still available?

Thanks! The kit is not without its flaws, but not as bad as I thought long ago when I started it. Unfortunately, Kitty Hawk went belly up not too very long ago. You might be able to find one on evilbay.

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Brain fart. When I started the engine, I cemented part E58 upside down. No big deal, except that I use that feature to locate the exhausts. The result is that the exhausts don't line up properly.


It took a few minutes to identify the issue.


All that's left are the small crossover tubes and the engine is finished.



I'm still trying to figure out how the front cowl ring is supposed to be mounted...

Got the canopies dipped. I tried Montex masks and didn't like them. Eduards masks have been ordered - I had to strip a couple of the pieces and re-dip.


Waiting for some Airscale placards for the cockpit, then I can seal it up.

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