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My 2018 Review (not all LS)


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HI Everyone,

   A few retrospective posts made by talented modellers made me wonder exactly what I completed in 2018.  Here we go:




Completed this Alby on my birthday March 22



These two in June



Leutnant Wolff's Alby in July






These two in August






And my last completed for 2018 in November.


I have three kits in Progress, and two kits that got started but ended up in the garbage or the spare parts bin. 


I hope you all have fun and productive 2019's!







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3 hours ago, Drifter said:

Wow Gazza, you were busy. 

Not busy...  Entertained

2 hours ago, Grunhertz said:

Wowzers gaz 

Thanks, Mate

2 hours ago, HubertB said:

Tell me, do you really like German stuff :rolleyes: ? Or is it a fortuitous coïncidence ?

Nice output, btw :thumbsup2:


Thank you.   You might be correct.

5 minutes ago, Bomber_County said:

Absolutely stunning collection Gaz, mine output for the year is a doughnut “big fat zero”. But with ten on the bench almost ready for the spray booth 2019 is going to be vintage.......

Thank you, Phil.  I'll be looking to see what you pump out in your 2019 Epic.



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7 hours ago, DocRob said:

Quite a year you had, nice output and nice photos too. Compared to you I seem to be to easy to distract from the workbench.

Cheers Rob

Thank you, Rob!  Except for my 35 year hiatus from models where I was trying to find a hobby, models is my main distraction.

7 hours ago, BlrwestSiR said:

Nice assortment of builds there Gaz!


Thanks, Carl.  I belong to a SIG armor club.   I think I should get more armor done this year.

5 hours ago, Jeff said:

Outstanding.................. makes my paltry attempts seem less than insignificant...................... gorgeous collection, love the Albi's !

Thank you, Jeff!  The Albatros is my favorite WWI aircraft.  I have three in the stash, 1 Roden and 2 WNW.

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3 hours ago, Mikester said:

Outstanding builds, really like the G-6/AS!

Thank you!  That's an old Fujimi kit I bought for $9 at a model show, still in cellophane.

3 hours ago, Clunkmeister said:

Gaz, I’d really like to knock out the HPH 410 as well, but the Helldiver’s gotta come before that....

It’s just those bloody dive flaps on the Helldiver that drive me to stupidity. Oh crikey I detest PE.


     I try to avoid PE whenever possible.  The only brass on my 410 is tubing I used to replace the oleos after I shortened them to get a weighed-down look.  Still...  it nearly passed my interest period:  The time allowed on one build before another one completely captures my imagination.

2 hours ago, Jackster said:

Very nice and varied subjects Gaz, fantastic work.





Thank you, Kev!

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