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Tamiya P-51D done

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Another build for me of the very nice Tamiya Mustang kit (#8). After market used are Barracudacast wheels, cockpit details, PE breather ports on nose, and canopy rails. I used some Aeromaster 1/48 decals for my markings which I scanned and resized to 1/32 then printed out on clear decal paper using my laser printer. The national markings are from my stash. I had originally planned to do Dick Turner's "Short Fuse" but wasn't able to get satisfactory results for the name with my printer. So here is one of Max Lamb's "Uno Who" a/c. Painted with Alclad. I hope y'all like it!



4-17-19 002.jpg

4-17-19 003.jpg

4-17-19 004.jpg

4-17-19 005.jpg

4-17-19 006.jpg

4-17-19 007.jpg

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25 minutes ago, Martinnfb said:

What, when did this happen? I completely missed out your overnight build John :). Very cool. Tamiya can't be beat. Well done sir.



I started the build on March 9 and posted several photos along the way. I guess you just overlooked it Martin. :)

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4 hours ago, DocRob said:

Once again John, outstanding build and nice job with the printed decals.

Cheers Rob

Thanks Rob. It's nice to have the option to resize, etc markings otherwise not available in 1/32. :)

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47 minutes ago, Bomber_County said:

Sublime as usual John, where can you get the decal sheets from, never seen them this side of the pond unless I haven’t been looking........

Which sheets are you asking about Phil? The clear sheets or the Aeromaster ones? Aeromaster is out of business but the decals are on ebay. I just happened to have this sheet in my stash that I bought a good while back when they were still in business.

I'm glad you like my '51 build. Thanks! :)

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