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While I'm waiting on a new pit for the 190, I dug this out. Been thinking about it for some time. I love this kit because of the skin detail on it. The best I've ever seen and its 50+ years old ! It comes with a motor for the prop which means a battery box under the pit. The pit itself sucks big time. Way too shallow  and no detail. I plan on using an Aires pit that I have. So some cutting will be required.  Also need to source wheels for it. Maybe an engine too, but that's down the road. I plan on starting after the 190 is done. I did a review of this kit on TOS years ago. So, a couple of pics. Cheers....harv




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You'll need more panel liner, than a thirsty sailor could drink for al these surface details. This will look great, with a decently weathered Japanese green paintjob over bare metal, bring it on.

Cheers Rob

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Initial fit is good. Wing root, not too bad considering the whole wing assembly is supposed to be removable for batteries. There is a bit of hard flash to be cleaned up and some gaps on underside. Also a hole to plug where the switch was supposed to go. That's all for now. Cheers.....harv




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After receiving this great gift from Bill, he sent me his Doyusha ( Tony) Frank. Wierd seeing it in grey ! After removing all his ribbing he scratched in, a quick test fit and I'm encouraged by it so far. Lots more work to get it right.......harv



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Hi Kevin. The pit is made by Aires. It's for the Hasegawa kit. I have 2. Bill just sent me his. Mine is made by Tomy and Bill's is a Doyusha. They are the same kit. Different color of plastic. Iet me know what kit you have. If you have trouble finding the resin pit, let me know. I have an extra....harv

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