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3rd Annual LSM Christmas Raffle


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2020 has been one crazy year and it’s FINALLY coming to an end.  If it’s bad, it’s happened, or is expected to happen, so much so that I wouldn’t be surprised if an asteroid collides with us or some insane volcano springs to life just cap off a crappy year. 

Our Christmas raffle went over well the last two years, and the few minor tweaks we made last year seemed to have helped ease it along. It’s a learning experience here too.  :)

I’ll go over the rules and once again, a d attempt to keep it simple.   So here is rundown of rules so everyone is refreshed and aware.  For those who participated over there, you'll see a couple minor rule changes implemented by me just because I can. 

1.   Anyone who wants to enter to win may do so, IF, they are an Active Member of LSM as of right now. (November 28, 2020 2025 hrs CST)

2.   Active Member is defined as anyone who has contributed to LSM by posting two posts to LSM within the last calender year. I though again of making it a WIP requirement, but decided again to nix that idea.  The whole idea here is to promote a feeling of Christmas Spirit, get people posting more, and hopefully bring a better ending to 2020. So let’s make this fun!

3.   Enrolling:   Entering the raffle is easy. Just post  "I'm in" and I'll mark you down. You do not need to contribute a gift to win a gift.

4.   Gifts:   You're welcome to contribute a gift to be included in the raffle.  It’s absolutely not required or expected and you do NOT need to contribute a gift to be part of the raffle.

5.    Impropriety:    To avoid any sense of impropriety, I am going to ask that all people who feel led to contribute gifts to please verify your gifts as listed correctly. If I list it wrong, please let me know so I can correct it in time. Anything LSM related is good in my book.     Aircraft and AFVs, supplies, AM, tools, etc, are all OK.     I would suggest that if you're giving a bunch of little AM bibs and bobs, or things like magazine collections, think about including them as a package.   It makes my job easier when it comes to keeping track of who gave and won what.

6.    More Impropriety:  As the organizer and overseer of this operation, once again, I will again NOT be eligible for any gift drawings.  

7.    Giving something is cool, but there is no right or wrong. Some give kits, others a resin set of wheels or #11 blades, or decide not to.   If you feel led to, then do, cool, if not, then there is no big deal. 

8.    But remember, if you offer a gift, you're responsible for the shipping charges to the winner.

9.     Gift givers and winners are to contact each other in a timely manner and winner must provide shipping information so the giver can get the package in the mail.

10.   This is a fun Christmas Raffle, guys.  If you pledge a gift, please make every effort to get it out in a timely fashion. 

11.    I will attempt to update the prize list and the names of those who entered the raffle on a daily basis.  If there's more entrants than gifts, not everyone will receive a gift.  If there's more gifts than entrants, then some will get more than one.  

12.   Drawing:  Christmas Day in the USA, because that's where I live, and I work the day before, so the Aussies and the Kiwis gotta wait an extra day. Sorry guys!

Grand Prize this year will consist of a Hobby Boss A-26 Invader Kit with corrected resin engines.  This will be drawn from all names after the regular draw has been completed.


Pretty normal stuff, eh?  I think this oughta be a fun thing and I really hope everyone has a good time with this!


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GRAND PRIZE:  There are three to be given this year. Both will be drawn after all the regular prizes are awarded and all people who entered will be eligible, whether you won a prize or not.

1. Zoukei Mura 1/32 Ki-45  -  Donated by Harv

2. Hobbyboss 1/32 Douglas A-26 Invader with two Brassin corrected engine sets  -  donated by LSM Staff

3. 1/32 Wingnut Wings Felixstowe F-2a (late)  -  Coughed up by the Stash of Doom 



1. Krow

2. Harv

3. Bill_S

4. Smitty44

5. BlrwestSiR

5. HubertB

6. Gaming Dragon32

7. Seiran01

8. 1to1scale


10. Pardelhas

11. Recon

12. ScottsGT

13. GazzaS

14. Winnie


16. TJTX

17. Jeff

18. BradG

19. AlanG


21. Landlubber Mike

22. Leitch144





1. Special Hobby 1/32 Hawker Tempest  -  Krow

2. Choice of: 1/32 Fisher Hawker Sea Fury or F9F-5 Panther  -  Clunkmeister

3. Takom 1/35 Renault FT and 1/35 Tiger with Wittmann’s crew  in resin -  Clunkmeister  

4. Eduard 1/32 Bf-109E  -  BlrwestSiR

5. Revell 1/32 Junkers Ju-88 A-1  -  Smitty44

6. Valiant Wungs  Airframe Almum #4 on Westland Whirlwind  -  HubertB

7. Yellow Series Mushroom book on A5M Claude  -  HubertB

8. Silhouette Cameo cutting plotter w/spare cutting mat and spare blade  -  HubertB

7. $10 Gift Card  -  Gaming Dragon32

8. Reskit MH-60 main rotor hub and tail rotor upgrade sets  -  Seiran01

9. Trumpeter 1/32 Bf-109K-4. -  1to1scale

10. Revell 1/32 Heinkel Salamander  -  Bill_S

11. Williams Bros 1/32 GeeBee Z racer  -  Bill_S

12. Fly 1/32 Natter  -  Pardelhas

13. 21st Century Toys 1/32 F4U-1/4 Corsair  -  ScottsGT

14. Revell 1/32 F4F-4 Wildcat Smithsonian Edition  -  ScottsGT

15. Trumpeter 1/32 F4U-4 Corsair  -  ScottsGT

16. Trumpeter 1/32 P-51D Mustang  -  ScottsGT

17. Hannants gift certificate for £50  -  GazzaS

18. 3 new Tamiya tools, a set of photo etch bending pliers, a photo etch diamond file, and a pair of PE scissors  -  Winnie

19. One package including: Warbird tech F/A-18 book, eagle strike FW-190 Fighters pt. 1, eagle cals ec32-105a P-47D, cam 32-070 F-4N VF-161  -  Recon

20. 1/32 Trumpeter SBD-1/2 with Yahu panel.  -TJTX

21. 1/32 Eduard Revell Fw190 F8 PE Interior (33149) and Eduard PE Seatbelt Set (32843)  -  AlanG

22. 1/32 Aviattic Pfalz D.llla lozenge decals  -  Pardelhas

23. Wingnut Wings featured build book  -  Pardelhas

24. TwoBobs F-16C Golden State Griffins decal sheet  -  [Cat]Cpl.Slade



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5 minutes ago, harv said:

Ernie, I would like the ZM KI 45 as a second grand prize drawing. Contact me....harv

Hahaha!  I contemplated that exact kit as Grand Prize.  Thank you, my friend!  I’ll try to call you tomorrow, not just a butt dial either.

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I’m in as well, as a giver and receiver.

I’ll donate a Valiant Wings « Airframe Album », #4 on the Westland Whirlwind (the twin-engine WWII fighter, not the monstrosity with a rotating egg-beater on the top) and a Mushroom book of the yellow series on the A5M Claude.

i will also most likely add a kit, but let me have a look at the stash first.


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OK, guys, after sifting through the stash and the duplicates, I came up with an idea which may please many even more than a kit ...

So ...

I will also donate a fully functional Silhouette Cameo cutting plotter with a spare cutting mat and a spare blade. Ideal for cutting masks and many other projects.

Ho, Ho, Ho ...


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Signs me up too!  I’ll dig through the stash and look for something.

OK, I just went nuts downstairs in the stash.  Got a few I pulled out that I’m almost positive I’ll never get around to building.  I promise, I’ll wipe the dust off first! 

1) 21st Century F4U-1A/D

2) Revell Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat.  Oldie but Goldie Smithsonian kit. 

3) Hasegawa P-51D

4) Trumpeter F4U-1D Corsair 

Shipping will cost me a chunk of change, but well worth it for this group!   

EDIT:  I started thinking about this shipping situation if I pull a user outside of CONUS.  If so, I'll offer up a $25 gift card to recipients hobby shop of choice.

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