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Here she is!

I used the Zoukei Mura Ta-152H-0 kit, some after market and some scratch building efforts.


Build thread here:


This was my aim:




And here's my rendition:





























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In the end you did not complete the construction and the bird is in really bad shape :lol:.

Honestly, you hit a homerun with that build, perfectly executed and finished in a very unusual way. That is a real eye catcher you can be proud of.

Cheers Rob 

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The level of imagination is even outweighed by the level of execution. Gorgeous, build, Jeroen. I really admire the paint job, especially the different levels visible. Especially effective on the tail with the swastika etc. Superb base, as well.

Glad I started exploring this thread!

Cheers from NYC,


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So...still looking at this thread raises three questions:

- How are the ZM kits? I've been building WnW WWI but am being pulled towards some WWII planes, particularly this TA-152.

- How did you apply the graphics to the base?

- Mr. Hatch, can you pls translate this into American English?: Taking your time paid off, even though I took the pi$$ ;)

Cheers from NYC,



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