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No bench time


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Sorry to say, I won't be at the bench for a short time I hope. I've been to the ER twice in two was for severe leg pain in my left calf and foot. No clots but I have really bad blood flow and that's causing it all. Chalk it all up to hart disease and or diabetes,  it's painful. Waiting fo an appointment with a vascular Dr to see if u need a stint or bypass. I finally got some pain meds to help till then, how ever long that is. Anyway, between pain meds and Bourbon,  I don't dare go near the bench. Just a heads up to you all, not tears.....harv

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Sorry to hear about your problems Harv. If it's only sitting which causes the pain, you should think about a raisable bench and work standing. Sometimes I'm thinking about building one for me too, where working erect is at least an option.
You will be well soon, I hope and you will notice, when the Bourbon impact is bigger than the one of the painkillers ;).

Cheers Rob

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