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I guess its time to say hello!


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Hey everyone!

Joined up a while back and I've just been lurking around.  After chiming in on Martins Mustang thread (Yea, I have hood envy!) I thought I better speak up finally.  A few of you will probably recognize me from TOS.  I use the same handle on all my forums ever since I grabbed it way back in 1999 when I brought home my '66 Mustang GT project.

Staying busy adding to the stash, not so busy at the bench since my latest project is doing my best to bring order and less chaos to my garage where I pull off all of my woodworking and car work.  Hopefully this Saturday I can finally finish up a major milestone project I've been obsessively focusing on since well over a year.  If all goes as planned, I can put aside the garage projects until this fall and focus on kits again.  On deck is an Academy SUFA kit I'm going to build as a Block 52 SCANG D model that my MD gets back seat time in since he is the Flight Surgeon for the unit. 

Going to be hit and miss since my first grand baby has her first birthday coming up soon and the daughter expects her toy box to be ready by then! At least I'll have more room in the garage to spread out now!

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