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Ernie's Lanc made Cybermodeler's home page today

Old Dog

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20 minutes ago, k5ikl said:

You mean that's NOT done???  Looks great Ernie.


No,. still a WIP, mt friend.  I need to figure out the correct wingtip light fixtures for this bird. Apparently, some used a different homebrewed style.

Also, the cheek radars I used are not correct and I need info on the right ones. Of course I can find NOTHING out there on them, which is maddening. Add to that, they cast real oddball shadows on the side of the fuselage so it's tough to make them out.

plus I need to plumb the auxiliary fuel tank, add the antenna farms over, under, and on the sides of the aircraft, flatcoat the undercarriage, add a bit of oil residue to the outboard nacelles, reassemble the main components using normal cement, not the canopy glue I used, and then go back in a couple months and recheck my work.

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