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Junkers Ju388 L-1 (Revell Ju88 A4, AIMS conversion)

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Well there she is. A bit late in the weekend, but finally had time to take pictures and post them here. This is my latest build. I started this build in June 2016 but it stalled due to becoming a father again, so the better part of 2017 was a lost year for modelling. Anyway, it doesn't matter, because I finished the bird!

When I first heard of this conversion I had to have it. I had seen pictures of it as a kid and it always struck me as such an advanced design, almost alien like. I bought the excellent book about this plane from Cristoph Vernaleken and Martin Handig. These men have done a lot of research on this subject and their book and website http://ju388.de is invaluable if you want to model this plane. But I have to say, the book is not written with the modeler in mind. So I think that about 30/40% of my time went into research. John form AIMS did a stellar job in researching and creating the conversion, but there was still room for improvement.. With a lot of searching on the web, visiting several obscure forums, and with a little help from people here, I had enough info to make the most accurate representation of it to my ability. In the process you learn a lot about your subject which is one aspect I like about modeling.


Anyway, I'm not going to repeat all the steps I have taken in the build. If you're interested you can visit my WIP-thread here on LSM: Linkor on LSP: Link where I first started my WIP. But I'll give a short summary of what I used for this build.


Model: Revell Ju88 A4

Conversion: AIMS Ju388 L-1

Aftermarket: Henri Daehne propellers

Anttena: scratch build with Albion Alloy fit and slide tubes

Instrument panel: Designed and 3D printed instrument panel

Painting: Mr. Paint (primarily)

Weathering: AK Interactive Paneliner


So, there you have it. Without further ado, here are the pictures. Please feel free to ask questions or give critique (don't hold back, I can take it).













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Compared to the standard Ju-88 this looks like a lovechild between a praying mantis and Mr Revell's housekeeper:o

What a wonderful build Wouter. I thought the Me-410 was fantastic but this one easily surpasses it.

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8 hours ago, Clunkmeister said:

On my iPad, it’s short and fat, like me! :)

Wouter, this is one beautiful build!

Did you ever have any extra instrument panels reproduced? Because if you did, I’d love to buy one for my 388.


Hi Ernie,

 I have the part ready for print at shapeways. I'm looking at possibilities to make it available for those interested, but it takes some time. If i get that working I will also create a little instruction sheet to go with the IP. I'll let you know

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