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GUY ON A BUFFALO - I will be out for a while.


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Gentleman as many already know , I was accepted to join a training program for your favourite law enforcement agency. I am departing tomorrow morning and it seems that I might not have spare time to participate on the forum the way I did. So keep the shenanigans going and I will peek in once I get a chance to exhale . 



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As I mentioned to you yesterday , Martin , be safe, Cathy and I support and back you 110%, enjoy the 'ride', and THANK YOU for your Service, love ya buddy... check in when you can, and remember to................ " Maintain the Right"


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3 hours ago, Clunkmeister said:

The GRC. Gravel Road Cop.  Only true Canadians who lived on the prairies will get that one. 

Hmm. That does not sound good for a Mustang with wheels. Better change for a mustang with real horse-shoes :poo:


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