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Prayers for Harv


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Got a text from Harv’s wife Bev earlier today.

They’re visiting family in California and Harv suffered a mild heart attack and is in the hospital now and they’re running some tests  

He’s stable and the prognosis is good, so keep him in your prayers. 


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I'm very touched by all of you ! Makes me smile. I did go through a angioplasty yesterday. The problem is, the dr. here are uncertain they can do the stint. My understanding is in a very questionable spot. They are considering sending me to San Diego.  They are much more equipped for this type of specialty. But haven't talked to the cardeo Dr yet. Still waiting. I'm doing good, no pain now. Besides I have all of you guys to look after !.....harv

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The stint will be put in here where I'm at at 11am. The doc is going to use BOTH SIDES of my groin.  One for the stint and the other for a heart pump just in case its needed.  Don't mind saying I'm a little nervous.....harv

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